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Air Link

Optimizing creative work and producing star banners using psychology and statistics. Production and distribution costs reduced by 30% and verification period shortened to 1/3.


Message development for new users during peak periods


  • Develop new messages for new users
  • Apply the results of psychological analysis from questionnaire survey to web marketing and product development
  • Reduce time and cost by 30% with verification plus statistical and advertising analysis in conjunction with media operations

Air Link Co., Ltd. Minoru Kihara

Air Link Co., Ltd.
Marketing Division
Minoru Kihara

Media promotion of acquisition measures for business expansion and efficiency

As a travel company in business for more than 30 years, we have been providing enjoyable travel products and extensive services by constantly having a firm grasp of trends in the travel industry and the needs of our customers.

Beginning in September of 2000, we launched a travel website that became a pioneer in online independent travel, and while taking advantage of synergies with the DeNA Group, we are improving our service system by enhancing services including overseas and domestic airline tickets and package tours that are tailored to the needs, objectives and budgets of our customers.

By understanding the marketing challenges of our services, transcosmos has provided us with improved results at one-stop with an appropriate communication design and a trading desk system based on operative model advertising, in addition to creative verification. This has made it possible to achieve the enhancement of travel services for our customers by verifying increasingly complex marketing challenges in a short period of time, which leads to reductions of costs and working time, as well as implementation of measures at an early stage.

Development of creative content for new users

With more than 30 years of travel industry experience, Air Link Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Air Link) has been operating a comprehensive online travel website, “DeNA Travel,” which handles a wide range of travel products focused on overseas and domestic travel. Web promotions are implemented for each service, such as overseas flights, overseas hotels and tours, targeting those in the 20’s to 40’s who are the main users interested in overseas and domestic travel.

Implementation of creative verification and media promotion measures to enhance the cognitive effect

“LogicArt” proceeded with the following steps.

(1) Communication Design: Communications are designed along four axes, including the “variation axis” and “trend axis,” as well as the “appeal axis” and “appeal point axis,” which are the basis of banner production.

(2) Mass Banner Production: Mass production of banners is performed with a variety of designs by a number of designers based on designs for each axis.

(3) Questionnaire Survey: The banners produced are evaluated and ranked by conducting a questionnaire survey. New value is created by applying analysis using psychology to the free answers obtained, while also reducing delivery costs. This achieves the identification of new banner additions and post-process verification elements, etc.

(4) Verification and Delivery: Efficiently performs further brush-up of creative content with the experimental design method. Utilizes the verification elements obtained by psychological analysis. Reduces delivery costs while performing significance testing to finally complete the star banner.

Production and distribution costs reduced by 30% and verification period shortened by 1/3 using “LogicArt.”

Through implementation of creative development, media operations and creative verification at one-stop, production and delivery costs reduced by 30%. Furthermore, with regard to the verification time, when using the conventional process it is necessary to repeat the verification, which takes approximately three months, but highly effective advertising creative production has now been achieved in a short period of about one month.

As a by-product of completing the star banner, this has led to an understanding of effective messages for new users, and is resulting in speedy development, including other web promotions. In addition, it was also possible to take advantage of measures in addition to web promotions for the development of new travel package tours. Based on the winning pattern that was revealed this time, transcosmos would like to propose new measures to fully support further business expansion for Air Link.

Services provided to Air Link

Services provided to Air Link

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