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Achieved operations for a large-scale website with an organization of 100 persons
Formed a dedicated team that links all domestic and overseas bases


The multiplexing of business flows that involved numerous projects and multiple partner companies


  • Formed an operation team of more than 100 persons, which links Tokyo, Okinawa, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam
  • Achieved the “streamlining of production,” “strengthening of website governance” and “accumulation of knowledge”
  • Consistent back-up ranging from installation assistance to operation support for “Adobe Experience Cloud”



A highly integrated partner who can look to the future together with ANA.

We decided to engage transcosmos after thorough consideration of their capacity to handle the large-scale operations and numerous projects that occur on our website, their ability to execute, and their human resources to completely follow through. We have great confidence in transcosmos as a partner who is not simply able to make proposals and merely carry them out, but one who can grow and work together with us until tasks are fully accomplished.
Up until now, “ANA SKY WEB” has continued to optimize its website as one channel for selling airline tickets. In the future, we are aiming to build a platform that enables marketing that recognizes the customer’s actions by seamlessly connecting and analyzing channels such as the website, SNS and applications, and we hope that we can create this together with transcosmos.

Aiming to achieve CXM by unifying distributed operations management

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (abbreviated below as ANA) is a leading airline in Japan. In order to provide high quality hospitality to all customers, they are striving for service improvements in various settings, including in-flight, at airports, on the Web and at contact centers. Among these, the official website “ANA SKY WEB” is one of the important channels for endeavoring to provide services that are close to the thoughts of each customer.

In the operation of “ANA SKY WEB” with more than 550,000 visitors to the website and more than 100,000 pages per day, the multiplexing of business flows that involved numerous projects and multiple partner companies had become a major challenge. As a result, ANA decided to review its operations, and in recognition of the results of past projects, determined to entrust the integration of its operations to transcosmos.

A cross-sectoral system that achieves efficient PDCA and consistent high quality

transcosmos has formed a dedicated operation team of more than 100 persons for ANA, which links production bases in Tokyo, Okinawa, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. This developed into a system in which project managers were assigned by categories, such as “domestic flight tickets” and “mileage club,” while the creative team and quality control team were able to collaborate across categories. Efficiency is achieved with the Tokyo team mainly focused on matters such as meetings with ANA and decisions on requirements, while production is carried out jointly at the Okinawa base. Overseas bases are in charge of coding and verification work, as well as production focused mainly on local languages and English content. As a result of centralization, it has become possible to connect the numbers, which until now have only been seen within each department, with effectiveness measurement and performance analysis beyond individual sections and teams.

In addition, by creating cross-category design guidelines for “ANA SKY WEB” and integrating guidelines that were previously inconsistent, it is now possible to maintain consistently high quality and to unify the design of entire pages without being dependent on the skills and know-how of the individuals who are in charge. By doing this we achieved the “streamlining of production,” “strengthening of website governance” and “accumulation of knowledge.”

Aiming to maximize the approach with owned media

ANA is promoting the use of digital marketing tools to accomplish full-scale implementation of marketing based on a PDCA cycle in order to achieve CXM. In particular, with the introduction of “Adobe Experience Cloud,” it has become possible to implement measures based on multifaceted analysis and verification of customer needs, since this now allows a more detailed approach tailored to customer behavior through owned media. In addition to “Adobe Analytics” which was previously introduced, “Adobe Target,” “Adobe Audience Manager,” “Adobe Social” and “Adobe Campaign” have been introduced, and transcosmos operation specialists are providing consistent back-up that ranges from assistance with installation to support after operation.

transcosmos is also responsible for the redesign and operation of global websites covering 50 countries, where we are improving our operations every day in order to create websites that are easy to use, even for overseas customers who are increasing every year, and which are close to the needs and cultures of each country.

In the future, “ANA SKY WEB” is about to transform into a “marketing platform” that seamlessly connects each channel from “airline ticket sales websites.” Therefore, we will expand the touch point areas with customers, endeavor to maximize the approach with owned media and accelerate the PDCA cycle to conduct higher quality website operations. We will continue striving to realize the best hospitality that ANA is aiming for.

Services provided to ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO.,LTD.

Services provided to ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO.,LTD.

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