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Offered an end-to-end support for VAIO® branded PC to enter the U.S. e-commerce market
Launched e-commerce one-stop services framework from wholesale, to customer services, to fulfillment in 3 months


Securing a sales network in foreign country


  • Offered end-to-end support for VAIO® branded PC to enter the U.S. E-Commerce market
  • Launched the entire operations from wholesale to delivery from scratch in just 3months
  • CNET / WIRED Achieved high praise from multiple U.S media

VAIO Corporation Yoshitaka Oguchi

Yoshitaka Oguchi
General Manager
Global Business Project Office
VAIO Corporation

We appreciate transcosmos for launching one-stop operations from scratch for us to enter the U.S. e-commerce market.

Since our foundation on July 1st, 2014, we have been focusing on launching our business in Japan. Now we are entering the global market with the aim to further expand our business. We have selected transcosmos as our partner to venture into our first global market, the U.S. For a company like us, with just around 240 employees and no offices or staff overseas, transcosmos is the best partner. The company has the ability to offer entire functions including wholesale and customer support services that are required to run e-commerce business, all at one-stop. We especially appreciate their thoughtful services. For example, transcosmos appointed a dedicated counterpart for each operation such as a counterpart for repair and one for customer services, and each team held regular meetings almost on a daily basis that ultimately helped us overcome the time and distance barrier and successfully collaborate and communicate with transcosmos team. By working closely with transcosmos, we will create new VAIO® stories in the U.S.

Developed U.S. distribution network for VAIO® branded PC

VAIO Corporation (VAIO), which inherited the VAIO PC business from Sony Corporation, was established on July 1, 2014. With their main factory located in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, a perfect environment for PC manufacturing, VAIO keeps their production lines stable and manufactures high quality products in Japan.
With the aim to further expand their business, VAIO was committed to bring their PCs into the global market as one of their sales strategies, and chose the U.S., the world’s largest market for creators as their first global market.
VAIO considered that they must first set up a distribution network in the market, and decided to take the same sales approach as the one in Japan. Specifically, select a partner (sales agency) who is well-versed in trends and sales channels in the local market and sell their products through the partner. Highly recognizing transcosmos for its abundant record in offering e-commerce support services in the U.S. that range from product purchase, to operations, to selling, VAIO entrusted transcosmos with their U.S. operations.

Offered end-to-end support for VAIO to enter the U.S. e-commerce market
Built a distribution scheme and operations framework

First, transcosmos developed the U.S. version of the “VAIO® Z Canvas” brand website not only to sell the products but also to receive customer requests for product repairs and returns, and disseminate VAIO brand information including press releases and other corporate news. In collaboration with VAIO, transcosmos also established both offline and online distribution networks for wholesale including Microsoft Store, Amazon, and B2B websites.
On top of these, a VAIO expert at transcosmos worked as a VAIO branding specialist and managed all their branding activities from running sales promotions, to responding to media in order to establish a unified VAIO brand image.
Next, transcosmos processed all necessary and complex procedures to export the products into the U.S. market that require detailed knowledge and practical experience. transcosmos, on behalf of VAIO, conducted administrative processes that include creating invoices and customs declaration forms, and went through a series of application processes such as submitting registration forms to relevant federal government offices. transcosmos then established a seamless distribution scheme by developing a comprehensive customer support framework including customer call centers, storing VAIO products in its warehouses, and centrally managing all distribution-related information that range from product in & out, to inventory status, to shipping, to customer inquiry history, in real time.

>Highly praised by local media and the market

On October 5, 2015, transcosmos launched the entire operations services that range from product purchase, to e-commerce website development & operations, to operations services, to fulfillment, to delivery in just 3 months, and successfully released VAIO products in the U.S. market via e-commerce. On this same day, VAIO showcased “VAIO® Z Canvas,” a model equipped with features specifically for designers and creators at “Adobe MAX 2015,” the world’s leading creativity conference held in Los Angeles and it captured a great deal of attention. Gaining synergy with the event, “VAIO® Z Canvas” achieved high praise and went viral in the U.S. market, featured by multiple media including CNET, WIRED, and more.
transcosmos continues to help VAIO expand their sales in the U.S market by selling their next two models “VAIO® Z” and “VAIO® S,” successors to “VAIO® Z Canvas,” whilst assisting VAIO to widen their global market by building on transcosmos’s global network and proven experience in offering services across the globe.

Services provided to VAIO

Services provided to VAIO

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